Luciano ¨Luke¨ Sermann from Curitiba, State of Paraná – Brazil, found in surfing since his childhood, his personal and professional fulfillment.
At eight he surfed his first wave at Santa Catarina, southern Brazil where his family used to spend their vacations. As great excitement to stand on his surfboard it was that it was impossible not to continue! In the Summer of 1985 he"s got his first K&K four fin.
It was the beginning of his life as a surfer and shaper. Supported by his dreams, he shaped miniatures, transforming his bedroom into a small office so he could step into repairing surfboards.
His hobby became his passion demanding seriousness and commitment to the sport. Encouraged by his parents, friends, clients and future wife, he decided to become a professional in 1995.
He went after knowledge by taking Physics Education at Pontifical University of Paraná at Curtitiba - PUC PR – graduating in 1997.
Along with his academic formation, he concealed theory and practice. As a shaper, he developed his own shaping style which consists in analyzing his clients" physical and psychological characteristics to decide which shape responds best to their needs. In doing so, when shaping, he maximizes the board"s design in order to develop better performance.
His surfboards are manufactured with the finest materials available internationally as well as a sophisticated computerized shaping machine which customizes each board. Also has the pleasure of "hand" shape for some more special customers.
His position has been professionally consolidated through conquering market shares and advertizing his name among national an international surfers.
Luke Sermann"s surfboards are manufactured and marketed in Brazil and in Europe.
Is now part of a select group of professionals in PUKAS company, located in the Basque Country - Spain.